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5 charming villages in the province of Granada

5 charming villages in the province of Granada

Granada is known for the Alhambra, the caves of Sacromonte, or the Albaicín neighborhood. However, without a doubt, the province of Granada is much more than just its capital. That’s why we present to you 5 charming villages in the province of Granada that will surprise you with their history, beauty, and tradition. We introduce you to the towns of Montefrío, Pampaneira, Guadix, Motril, and Lanjarón, which are worth getting to know.

The Hotel Granada Centro, located in the center of the city of Granada, is a 3-star accommodation and a perfect place to discover these 5 charming villages due to its proximity to the different areas where they are located, allowing you to make various visits to the places we present.

  • Montefrío
  • Located less than 1 hour from Granada, it was named one of the most beautiful villages in the world by National Geographic in 2015.

In Montefrío, you will find an Arabic fortress upon which the Church of the Villa was later built, which is currently not a place of worship. Additionally, we highlight the Church of the Incarnation, also known as “La Rotonda” for its unique inspiration from the Pantheon of Agrippa in Rome.

  • Pampaneira

Located in the Poqueira Ravine, you can already spot the three white villages hanging on the mountain from the road. It is situated within the Sierra Nevada National Park, and only 350 people live there.

One of its distinctive features, besides the steep cobbled streets, is the “jarpa,” which is a thick and colorful fabric used to make carpets, curtains, and blankets.

  • Lanjarón

A well-known town in the Granada Alpujarra, it is primarily famous for its renowned spa with over a thousand years of history, as its ancient thermal baths date back to Roman times. Even Federico Garcia Lorca had the pleasure of enjoying them!

  • Guadix

Guadix was one of the oldest human settlements in the entire Iberian Peninsula, where the history of both the Nasrids and the Christians converges. However, what stands out the most about Guadix are its cave houses, excavated in the earth, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year.

  • Motril

Capital city of the Granada Coast, it stands out for its gastronomy. You can’t leave Motril without having tried its flagship product: “quisquillas” (small shrimp), served either boiled or quickly grilled. And the “sardinas en espeto” (skewered sardines), a true tradition.

But not only seafood and fish can be found in this city, as tropical fruits like cherimoya, avocado, and mango are also abundant.

Come and discover these 5 charming towns in the province of Granada and stay at Hotel Granada Centro, located in the heart of the Granada capital. A classic hotel with high-quality services and parking that will make your stay in Granada much more comfortable. Book now and uncover the wonders hidden in the province of Granada.. 

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