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Active Tourism in Granada: Explore the Geopark

Active Tourism in Granada: Explore the Geopark

Join us on an exciting journey through the northern valleys of Granada: the Geopark.

A unique place, a window to science, a territory for research and living, and an opportunity to enjoy the best routes. Now is the time, with overwhelming geological heritage and millennia of culture united to offer a different perspective on the Quaternary. This geological, cultural, and ethnographic treasure aims to be the Geopark of Granada. In the following article, we offer you some of the activities and routes you can explore in this unique setting. Let’s go!

The Geopark of Granada, the great unknown

In the northern region of Granada lies one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula: a desert with thousands of gullies and badlands surrounded by mountains and the famous snow-capped peaks of Sierra Nevada. It’s one of the few natural deserts in Europe, where you can explore various routes, whether on foot, by bike, or even on horseback. These are geological landscapes formed by erosion, rocky areas with incredible ravines, river canyons, clay ridges, and countless other forms that will leave you in awe.

Its geology, ethnography, and landscapes have been included in the Global Geoparks Network, established in 2015. The Geopark of Granada boasts a significant geological heritage, the implementation of geoconservation and outreach initiatives, and contributes to the cultural and socio-economic development of the area.

It’s an ideal destination for solo getaways, trips with friends, and even family excursions, where you’ll find great routes, immersive landscapes, culture, and fun for everyone.

Route to the Gorafe Desert

We’ve all seen pictures of the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon, but the Gorafe Desert has nothing to envy. A bit smaller, it offers a badlands landscape surrounding a canyon that will amaze you. Here, you can take a walk and discover over 200 prehistoric dolmens and visit an aqueduct that reaches up to 8 meters in height, carrying thermal water.

Frades River Valley: Paleontological Station

If you want to go back millions of years, this is the place to be. You can see what life was like during the Quaternary. In this area, there is a museum displaying the most interesting archaeological remains from the park. Moreover, the visit is free, and the landscape is spectacular.

Tourist Train in Guadix

A great way for the little ones to enjoy is by visiting Guadix. Start in the historic center by visiting its majestic Cathedral and explore over 1,500 caves that have an Interpretation Center with an interactive area for the kids.

The Geopark by Water

If you’re passionate about solo hiking, you should head to the Negratín reservoir. Its crystal-clear blue waters, combined with the brown and red of the gullies, create a dreamlike landscape. Moreover, you can have the most fun with the kayaks and canoes provided by the Geopark of Granada.

Don’t think twice and come to enjoy the best landscapes that the province of Granada has to offer. Reserve a room at our Hotel Granada Centro, and in less than an hour, you can access the Geopark by car or bus.

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