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Cycling Tourism in Granada: 3 Essential Routes

Cycling Tourism in Granada: 3 Essential Routes

Granada is undoubtedly one of the Spanish municipalities that can boast of being a great advocate for active and nature tourism. If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast and are visiting the city or planning a getaway, you’re in luck because there are several possibilities.

Hiking, trekking, canyoning, winter sports, or cycling tourism in Granada, all surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes where you can spend a day of authentic outdoor sports, breathing fresh air, and being captivated by a fascinating landscape.

Although the options are numerous, one of the most popular activities among athletes is cycling tourism in Granada. In addition to enjoying a fun and comprehensive sport, the available routes are very diverse, ensuring that you always find one that suits your physical and technical needs.

We propose 3 cycling tourism routes in Granada for you to choose your favorite:

  • Llano de la perdiz

This Granada cycle tourism route is perfect for those who are not too accustomed to this sport. It is a simple route of about 33km in distance with gentle terrain. Tracks that surround you with nature right after leaving the city and offer you beautiful views of Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra, and the Albaicín, all while you engage in sports through very accessible and fun trails.

  • Route Salobreña – La Caleta 

One of our favorite bike touring routes in Granada is the Salobreña – La Caleta route, a trail that takes you along the beaches of La Salobreña, La Guardia, and La Caleta, following the Mediterranean Path until you reach El Caletón. The views are breathtaking, and the 43 km route is of a linear-circular type and can be completed in less than 2 hours. Once you reach the part of the Mediterranean Path, you can enjoy a beautiful aquatic landscape, observing the hidden seabed among the rocks.

  • Ruta Fuente de la Teja, Vereda de los Indios

Nuestra última propuesta de ruta para hacer cicloturismo en Granada se encuentra en el Parque Natural Sierra Huétor, a unos 20km de la capital. El sendero empieza desde Macarena y va sucediéndose a través de barrancos, arroyos y veredas bastante técnicas, por lo que es una ruta que se recomienda solamente a aquellas personas que están más acostumbradas a este tipo de deporte. Tiene 4h de duración y se recorren unos 43km atravesando tanto tierra, pavimento y zonas forestales.

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