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Discover our sustainable hotel in Granada

Discover our sustainable hotel in Granada

Taking care of the planet that surrounds us is no longer a secret. We have become accustomed to recycling and using public transportation more and more, but if we continue to maintain these small sustainable gestures when we go on vacation, it’s even better. If you’re planning to spend a few days on vacation in the Andalusian city, we invite you to discover our sustainable hotel in Granada.

The Hotel Granada Centro is located in an unbeatable location for tourists and visitors who want to enjoy a getaway or vacation in the Andalusian city. It’s in the heart of the city, just a step away from Gran Vía de Colón, allowing you to enjoy the top tourist attractions. So don’t think twice, come and discover our sustainable hotel in Granada.

The main goal of hotels that are conscious of the ecosystem that surrounds us is to care for and respect the environment through dedication and a cross-cutting approach. Discover our sustainable hotel in Granada and see how the hotel’s commitment is at its maximum.

If you’re concerned about sustainability, you’re in luck because our amenities are entirely ecological. You’ll have access to high-quality, eco-friendly soaps and shampoos, always in large sizes to minimize single-use plastics.

We promote what is known as the 3R rule: recycle, reuse, and reduce. As for the rooms, Hotel Granada Centro provides various information on environmental awareness regarding the use of towels and water, among other things.

But the concept of sustainability goes beyond merely recycling and trying to minimize plastics and packaging. For this reason, if you discover our sustainable hotel in Granada, you’ll see that we’re also committed to the local community, always supporting initiatives that, if not cared for, could be greatly affected.

One of our main interests and objectives is to promote responsible and high-quality tourism, reaching an increasingly thoughtful audience about the planet that surrounds us. Always open to possible new initiatives and collaboration with local, non-profit companies, we encourage you to discover our sustainable hotel in Granada and join in caring for the planet.

And for animal lovers, we have good news. We are a pet-friendly hotel and we’re delighted to have these little family members as part of the hotel. Although subject to certain conditions that you can read about in detail on our website, we welcome quiet dogs and cats that weigh no more than 20 kilos. Discover our sustainable hotel in Granada and come with your beloved pets, making your days in the city unique and fun for all family members.

Discover our sustainable hotel in Granada, one of the most responsible and eco-friendly in the city that best represents this sustainable tourism, which advocates for a freer and greener planet.

Book your room at Hotel Granada Centro and be a part of this new way of understanding the world, being sustainable, and supporting a better planet on your next getaway.

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