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Family holidays in Granada

Family holidays in Granada

Your family vacation in Granada can become the ideal destination.

Granada, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain, is one of the most visited cities in the country today, with nearly 1 million tourists per year. With an incredible historical heritage, your family vacation in Granada can become the ideal destination.

The city has been a meeting point for a multitude of cultures, spanning antiquity and reaching its peak during the continuous Arab reigns that lasted for eight centuries. And although the historical past is felt in every corner, today’s Granada is a modern and lively city where you can find a dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Discover an unforgettable environment

If you want to spend a family vacation in Granada and enjoy some unique days, we can help you achieve that by experiencing the activities detailed below:

  • The Alhambra and the Generalife

With the Sierra Nevada mountains as a backdrop and perched atop a hill, a visit to the Alhambra is a must. This complex of Andalusian-style palaces, fortifications, and gardens possesses such sublime beauty that it has been reflected in numerous paintings, poems, and songs. Adjacent to the Alhambra, the Generalife is another essential stop that will leave you marveling. These historical gardens were once the summer residence of the sultans and today are one of the few manifestations of what Hispanic-Muslim gardens were like. Enjoy a family vacation in Granada and awaken your senses as you let yourself be captivated by the enchanting beauty of this magical place.

  • Sierra Nevada

Another of the experiences you can’t miss is visiting Sierra Nevada, one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Spanish territory that leaves a strong impression on tourists and visitors. Among the many activities that can be enjoyed and will make your family vacation in Granada unforgettable, skiing in the winter is, of course, one of them. But if you visit this beautiful scenery at other times, you can enjoy magnificent marked hiking trails, cycling paths, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nature. You can also have fun with rides on the “Russian sleigh,” a sled that travels along rails, with the driver controlling the speed, undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities for both young and old.

  • The Science Park

One of the visits that most people tend to enjoy, especially families with children, is the Science Park. This interactive museum, covering over 70,000 square meters, promises to give you a unique day where you’ll learn many things related to the scientific world. If you want your family vacation in Granada to be perfect, don’t miss visiting these facilities, where you’ll find numerous exhibition rooms, a planetarium, the Biodome (where you can discover the planet’s biodiversity), a tropical butterfly house that will leave you amazed, and the astronomical observatory. Undoubtedly, a space to have fun and learn countless new things.

This year, book your room at the Hotel Granada Centro and enjoy the city of Granada like you’ve never done before. Experience the Andalusian city in all its splendor, whether you’re visiting historic monuments, marveling at its natural landscapes, or learning science in an engaging and fun way.

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