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Holy Week in Granada: Celebration and Tradition

Holy Week in Granada: Celebration and Tradition

Experience Holy Week in Granada: celebration and tradition.

Still without plans for this Easter?

The city of Granada dresses up for this time of year. To the sound of drumbeats and the colorful costumes of the brotherhood members, Granada offers you unforgettable plans to spend some wonderful days.

From Hotel Granada Centro, we offer you various plans to have a great Easter in the Andalusian city.

Holy Week was declared an International Tourist Interest in 2009 and was chosen as the most spectacular Holy Week by popular vote in 2017. Therefore, this festival is celebrated in a special way in Granada.

If you are very devout, the city of Granada offers you various events, such as:

Wednesday night. On this night, the city is dressed in shades of purple to welcome the processions of El Cristo del Consuelo and María Santísima del Sacromonte. Here, you can also enjoy and visit the “caves,” the homes of the gypsies, where you can attend various flamenco shows.

Thursday night, head to the Albaicín neighborhood. The procession of El Cristo del Silencio takes place there. This neighborhood is one of the most beautiful scenes in the city, with its narrow streets and colors that envelop the city in magic.

On Good Friday, when night falls, the event of Las Chías takes place at the Convent of the Jerónimos. It is a moving event that commemorates the figures who were part of the Spanish Inquisition and leads a procession of one of the oldest brotherhoods, La Soledad de San Jerónimo.

Finally, on Holy Saturday, the Virgin of Las Angustias, the patron saint of Granada, is accompanied to the jewel of Granada, the Alhambra.

And what better way to accompany these highly interesting events than with the traditional Lenten dishes of Granada. If you are interested in tapas, the best thing you can do is visit their finest bars and taverns. Furthermore, on these special dates, Granada puts on the apron to offer you traditional local dishes. Here is a selection of these:

  1. The Lenten stew from Bar León, a warm dish that is appreciated during this time of year, and you can enjoy it in the Albaicín neighborhood while you take in the views that the city offers.
  2. Shrimp salad from Cunini is another of the most successful dishes of Lent. Try it at Marisquería Cunini, a business with nearly 70 years of history that offers completely traditional dishes.
  3. Fried doughnuts and honey pastries. These sweets are delicacies made from recipes of the oldest households in Granada. A typical dessert of Holy Week that you can savor at López Mezquita and at the Convent of Santa Isabel la Real.

Don’t hesitate and book one of our rooms at the Granada Centro Hotel now and come enjoy these fantastic plans during Granada’s Holy Week!

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