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Music festivals in Granada

Music festivals in Granada

Music festivals in Granada

The city of Granada has always been associated with various artistic and cultural expressions, in which many well-known personalities have stood out, not only in Spain but throughout the world. But if one of these manifestations of the Nazarí city has stood out above the others, it is undoubtedly music, giving rise over the years to musical festivals in Granada designed for all kinds of audiences.

Ignoring that the Andalusian city is one of the cradles of the flamenco tradition would be a total mistake, as this popular musical culture with Gypsy roots, which at one point developed its own “flamenco dialect” known as Zambra and originated in the Sacromonte neighborhood, has left its mark with countless figures like María la Canastera in the early 20th century or more recent names like Enrique Morente, a cantaor born in the Granada neighborhood of Albaicín.

Music of all kinds and for all tastes

If you’re passionate about flamenco and want to enjoy some musical festivals in Granada, you can’t miss the “International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada” or the “Flamenco viene del Sur” festival, with which, as Lorca said, “you can feel that duende rising from the soles of your feet.”

Of course, the musical scene in Granada doesn’t stop at flamenco. Starting in the 1970s, the city of the Alhambra began to delve into a musical scene where more rock chords began to sound loudly and forcefully, a style that came to stay and has produced bands like Lagartija Nick or 091, clear pioneers of the glorious 1990s, where bands like Los Planetas, Lori Meyers, or Niños Mutantes, all born under the Nazarí sun, continue to delight year after year and headline the lineups of indie music festivals in Granada.

If the more independent scene is what moves you, and the word “festival” brings a smile to your face when mentioned, “Granada Sound” and “En Órbita” are the music festivals in Granada that will make you vibrate, dance, and have a weekend filled with pulsating riffs and maximum fun. If you also like discovering new bands from the rock and punk scene, don’t hesitate to attend “Lanjarock,” a long-standing festival where emerging local groups and other nationally known bands come together.

Not forgetting the clubbing and electronic music enthusiasts, Granada has succumbed over the decades to the eclectic sounds of the night. In recent times, the city has witnessed the growth of musical projects that have brought new electronic sounds to the dance floors, thanks to collectives eager to continue exploring and experimenting with the latest trends.

So, if the underground electronic music scene makes you lose your mind and dance non-stop to unfamiliar and vibrant sounds, one of the music festivals in Granada tailored to your taste is “Primavera Electrónica,” one of the newest on the peninsula that has already become a major event where lovers of the most groundbreaking and alternative sounds of the moment come together to dance until the sun comes up.

Book your room at the Hotel Granado Centro and don’t miss out on some of the music festivals that the city of Granada offers. Whether it’s flamenco, indie, or electronic music, let yourself be carried away by the sounds and bands you love and enjoy a few days with friends, filled with dance, music, and unforgettable moments.

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