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If you like hiking, the Ruta de los Cahorros is for you.

If you like hiking, the Ruta de los Cahorros is for you.

Experience the Cahorros route by staying in a 2-star hotel with all the comforts and details you deserve.

In Granada, there are many natural spots where you can engage in sports, enjoy a day full of family activities, marvel at its beauty, or simply breathe in fresh air. While the Sierra Nevada National Park is one of the most well-known in the entire Iberian Peninsula, boasting rich vegetation and fauna, including mountain goats, golden eagles, wild boars, among others, today we want to introduce you to a place that never disappoints: the Cahorros route.

This is the most famous trail in Granada, and its waterfalls, hanging bridges, incredible views, and landscapes will leave you in awe throughout the entire journey. The Monachil River gorge offers one of the most fascinating and renowned hiking routes in the province. Moreover, the Cahorros route is ideal for both climbing enthusiasts and those looking for a beautiful and easy day out in the countryside.

What’s also striking are the unique limestone formations, waterfalls, and natural pools that will captivate you, along with very peculiar vegetation due, among other factors, to the poor soil quality and the altitude of the area. This results in a combination of shrubs and riverbank plants like poplars and reeds.

Although the Cahorros route has some more challenging sections, it’s entirely suitable for anyone, including families with children, though always under adult supervision, of course. If you’re not up for a long hike, don’t worry because it’s not a very lengthy trail. Additionally, you can take a stroll along the initial stretch and reach the 63-meter-long bridge.

Due to its popularity, we recommend visiting as early as possible to avoid crowds and congestion, especially at the last hanging bridge, where the longest lines tend to form. If you can, choose a weekday to hike the trail; it’s much better.

Another piece of advice we offer to make the Cahorros route more enjoyable is to wear appropriate footwear for this type of activity, with good grip and slip resistance. It’s also a good idea to dress comfortably and carry a backpack with water and some snacks in case of unexpected events.

Book your room at the Hotel Rincón Granada Centro and enjoy all the advantages and comforts of the hotel. Be amazed by the Cahorros route and have fun exploring its incredible hanging bridges and waterfalls that will delight you.

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