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Surprise yourself with the most typical gastronomy of Granada.

Surprise yourself with the most typical gastronomy of Granada.

If you’re one of those who easily turns their getaways into culinary journeys, this article is for you. Granada, apart from being one of the most beautiful cities on the entire Iberian Peninsula, is also one of the places where you can enjoy a rich and varied cuisine. In fact, Granada’s gastronomy tops the list of the most foodie-friendly places in all of Spain.

Granada’s cuisine is typically simple, with the main dishes often prepared using fresh vegetables from the Granada plain, meats from the Sierra Nevada region, and fish from the coast of Motril. In other words, local products that offer a diverse and delicious cuisine.

Delve into the authentic cuisine of Granada

While we could list many of the typical dishes of Granada’s cuisine, we’ll focus on the ones we like the most, and for the rest, we challenge you to discover them for yourself when you’re visiting this beautiful city.

  • La Olla de San Antón

This is one of the most typical dishes in the gastronomy of Granada. It is prepared with the offal from the pig slaughter that takes place during the festival of San Antón, on 17 January.

  • The Sacromonte omelette

Another of the best-known dishes in the gastronomy of Granada, made from offal (lamb brains and criadillas, among others) to which peas, walnuts and breadcrumbs are added.

  • Salaíllas

A very famous dish that is worth mentioning in the gastronomy of Granada and whose protagonist is a bread dough cake covered with grains of coarse salt and baked in the oven. Although it can be eaten all year round, it is typical to eat salaíllas with bacon and raw beans during the Day of the Cross.

  • Remojón Granadino

This is one of the most curious and refreshing dishes in Granada’s gastronomy. It is a delicious salad of orange slices accompanied by desalted cod, raw onion, black olives and boiled egg, all washed down with a good virgin olive oil.

  • Alpujarreño dish

While the previous dish was the lightest and most refreshing, now we are delighted with the other extreme of Granada’s gastronomy. The Alpujarreño dish, typical of Las Alpujarras, one of the areas in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada, offers a mixture of typical products of the region in a single dish. An exquisite combination of pork loin, black pudding, chorizo, fried garlic, and accompanied by potatoes with peppers and fried egg.

  • Motril shrimp

Another star dish of Granada’s gastronomy is the Motril shrimp, a seafood very similar to prawns but smaller and with a deeper red color. They are typically eaten after being briefly boiled in salted water or grilled with a sprinkle of coarse salt, so they are almost enjoyed raw. Since it’s a typical seafood dish, its price is usually high, but the flavor that these shrimp release in your mouth is delicious.

We could mention many other dishes, but if there’s something that characterizes Andalusian gastronomy, it’s “tapeo,” one of the most well-known customs in Granada’s gastronomy. Going for tapas is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can enjoy when visiting the city, where all you have to do is let yourself be carried away by a multitude of flavors, aromas, and fun.

Although Granada’s gastronomic offering for tapas is extensive, we recommend wandering through the streets of Elvira and Navas, as well as the Albaicín area, all of them filled with bars where you can taste dishes like fried fish, eggplant with cane honey, snails, mixed fried seafood, gazpacho, and much more.

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