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The Alpujarra of Granada

The Alpujarra of Granada

Discovering the Nature of Granada: La Alpujarra

La Alpujarra Granadina is a Spanish region located in the southeastern part of the province of Granada. It is composed of 24 towns, with Órgiva being the most populated and Lobras the least populated.

La Alpujarra Granadina is a mountainous area that will leave you speechless with its incredible viewpoints and spectacular landscapes. Furthermore, the charm and tranquility that permeate its villages give the whole area an extreme beauty, offering tourists a sense of peace and charm that will be hard to resist. That’s why, from Hotel Granada Centro, we invite you to discover the nature surrounding the city of Granada, to get lost in its paths, and be amazed by everything it has to offer.

Nature, history, and culture of La Alpujarra Granadina

Practically unchanged since the Arab period, it maintains the original Berber architecture, unique in the entire Iberian Peninsula. The history and legends that have developed around it have captivated all sorts of travelers and tourists, making it one of the most visited areas in the entire province of Granada.

If there’s one thing that characterizes La Alpujarra Granadina, it’s the uniqueness of its houses. Their cubic shape and flat roofs made of magnesium clay typically have two floors coated with lime, giving them the characteristic white color. As a curiosity, the upper floor contained living quarters and the kitchen, while the lower floor was designated for livestock and agricultural tools.

These typical houses are often found in smaller towns like Pampaneira or Bubión, where the streets are narrow, and the houses are small. Many of these homes have been restored while trying to preserve their old-world charm but providing all the comforts of modern houses, so that residents can rent them to tourists and visitors who want to stay in these beautiful and peaceful mountain villages.

Regarding the visit to the various villages, we recommend Lanjarón, considered the gateway to La Alpujarra Granadina. This municipality is known throughout the peninsula for the mineral water that comes from Sierra Nevada and is bottled on-site. The town has many fountains and springs worth visiting.

Another village we encourage you to visit is Órgiva, the capital of La Alpujarra Granadina. It is an agricultural village situated in the Guadalfeo Valley, characterized by its fruit trees, olive groves, and a rich history linked to livestock farming. You can also visit the Baroque Parish Church from the 17th century, which houses a beautiful altarpiece and an image of Christ of the Expiration.

Trévelez is also one of the must-visit municipalities in La Alpujarra Granadina. It is one of the highest villages in Spain, reaching up to Mulhacén (3,482 meters), the highest peak on the peninsula. Surrounded by some of the highest peaks of Sierra Nevada, the landscapes in this area are of unimaginable beauty. It’s a perfect place for hiking, climbing, fishing, or taking horseback excursions.

For those for whom gastronomy is an essential part of their travels, don’t worry; La Alpujarra Granadina offers a rich and wide variety of traditional dishes that we’re sure you’ll love. We highlight different stews and casseroles using local produce that imparts a unique and special taste to the dishes.

Lanjarón is famous for its fennel stew and garlic soup with ham. In Trévelez, we recommend the pumpkin stew, and in Busquístar, the delicious rabbit stew. We also emphasize the high quality of the wines in the region, which have received various accolades. We also recommend visiting some Alpujarra wineries that are open to the public and organize various activities and events throughout the year, especially during the grape harvest season.

Book your room at Hotel Rincón Granada Centro and enjoy all the advantages and comforts of the hotel. Be amazed by La Alpujarra Granadina and lose yourself among its picturesque villages and beautiful landscapes that will fascinate you.

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