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Flamenco can also be experienced in Granada

Flamenco can also be experienced in Granada

The city of Granada has always had a strong and deep connection with art and culture.

The city of Granada has always had a solid and strong relationship with art and culture, being a municipality where various famous personalities have excelled, both in Spain and around the world. If one of these artistic branches has stood out above the others in this city, it has undoubtedly been flamenco, being one of the prime cradles of this artistic expression, where artists like Estrella Morente and Antonio Carmona were born.

This popular musical culture, originating from the marginalized gypsy community that was forced to live outside the city walls in the Sacromonte mountains, where they built cave houses, gave rise to the origin of flamenco in Granada, and more specifically the Zambra, a “flamenco dialect” of the mentioned neighborhood, which has left its mark with numerous personalities like Estrella Morente and Antonio Carmona.

Pure Flamenco

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Granada, we recommend that you attend a live flamenco performance in one of the caves. The immersive sound and the magic of the place will offer you an experience you’ll never forget.

Here are the recommended shows you shouldn’t miss:

  • Cueva los Tarantos

Founded in 1972 by José Martín Quesada and Concepción Maya, it consists of a set of three caves where various flamenco performances take place in Granada. Every night, “Cuevas Los Tarantos” offers a pure Gitana Zambra spectacle, where emotions and excitement will leave the audience speechless.

  • Tablao Flamenco La Alboreá

Located at the foot of the Alhambra, in Plaza Nueva, this flamenco show in Granada offers the opportunity to see a singer, a guitarist, a male and a female dancer from famous families of Sacromonte with extensive experience, delighting the audience with a journey through various flamenco styles.

  • Flamenco at Los Jardines de Zoraya

In a unique setting, the Jardines de Zoraya constitute a marvelous Carmen. A typical construction of the Albaicín with an inner courtyard, fountains, and fruit trees, all accompanied by the Church of San Salvador. In this flamenco show in Granada, you can enjoy an incredible guitarist, a singer, and two dancers in a typical Albaicín tablao, where the passion and energy will move all types of audiences.

If you’re passionate about flamenco or want to make your first foray, we encourage you to come and discover flamenco in Granada and be captivated by the enchantment of its sounds and magic. Reserve your room at Hotel Granada Centro and don’t miss out on the best flamenco tablaos the city has to offer.

Si te apasiona el flamenco o quieres hacer una primera incursión, te animamos a que vengas a descubrir el flamenco en Granada y te dejes llevar por ese duende de sus sonidos y su magia. Reserva tu habitación en el Hotel Granada Centro y no dejes de emocionarte y apasionarte con los mejores tablaos flamenco que ofrece la ciudad.

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