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The Sacromonte quarter of Granada

The Sacromonte quarter of Granada

Sacromonte is the gypsy district of Granada where Muslims and Jews settled when they were expelled from the city around the 16th century. It was then that, along with the nomadic gypsies, they decided to establish themselves on the outskirts of the city, thus escaping administrative control. Because of this blend of cultures and its unique nature, we invite you to discover the gypsy neighborhood of Sacromonte in Granada, its streets, its corners, its caves, the abbey, and flamenco.

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  • Caves of Sacromonte

In the Sacromonte neighborhood, you will find its characteristic caves, home to all the social groups marginalized by the social divisions of the time. Each of the caves is different from the others because they were constructed according to the needs of the family that would live in them, in addition to being delimited by the terrain.

If you want to visit any of them, we invite you to enter the Museum of the Sacromonte Caves. This museum recreates, through 10 caves, the living conditions of the gypsies 100 years ago and details the history of flamenco.

  • Flamenco in Sacromonte

Flamenco is an evolution of the primitive Moorish Andalusian music and dance from the 15th century. These were developed by the gypsies in the 18th century, leading to what we now know as flamenco today.

Undoubtedly, it had a significant impact on Granadian society and became so deeply rooted in the Andalusian lands that even when, in the late 15th century, many Nasrid artists emigrated to the Maghreb to escape Catholic persecution, it was impossible to erase flamenco from the memory of the citizens of Granada.

  • Sacromonte Abbey

In 1588, a parchment was found containing a prophecy, an image of the Virgin, a canvas, and the bones of Saint James the Apostle. San Cecilio, the first bishop of Granada, had ordered it to be hidden. Seven years after this discovery, treasure hunters found 22 lead plates with inscriptions in classical Arabic, along with more relics and bones. After connecting this with the prophecy, it was concluded that San Cecilio was of Arab descent, which caused a great scandal for the people of Granada. The then-Archbishop sought the approval of the Pope in Rome to sanctify the site of this tumultuous discovery, and that’s how the Sacromonte Abbey was built in 1607.

However, years later, it was discovered that these inscriptions were false, identifying this deception as an attempt to convince the people of Granada to convert to Christianity.

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