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What to expect in Granada in 2023

What to expect in Granada in 2023

If you’re a snow sports enthusiast and are thinking of spending a fantastic few days in Granada, you can’t miss the opportunity to go skiing in Sierra Nevada.

Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain where historical past and modernity come together in a perfect mix, offers locals and visitors a wide variety of activities and events each year that you can’t afford to miss.

If you’re interested in the most notable events in Granada 2023, here are the events and festivities you shouldn’t miss:

  • Three Kings Parade

An event that never disappoints is the popular Three Kings Parade in Granada. It is one of the oldest in the country and starts with the “duende Fermín” presenting the Three Wise Men. This Christmas event is accompanied by a beautiful fireworks display.

  • San Cecilio Pilgrimage

On the first Sunday of February, one of the most important festivals in Granada in 2023 is the celebration of San Cecilio, the city’s patron saint. This pilgrimage has been celebrated since 1599 when a plague ravaged the city, and according to tradition, it was averted thanks to the Saint. This festival includes dances, traditional music, and a mass at the foot of the Sacromonte Abbey.

  • The Gypsy Procession

During Granada 2023, there is a special date you shouldn’t miss on April 5th (Holy Wednesday). It is the most impressive procession of Granada’s Holy Week, and it takes place in the Sacromonte neighborhood, in front of the Alhambra Palace.

In this procession, the images of “El Cristo del Consuelo” and “María Santísima del Sacromonte” are displayed. An interesting fact is that large bonfires are lit in the hills of Sacromonte as the procession passes by, all in the incomparable setting of the Alhambra.

  • May Cross Festival

Granada celebrates the Day of the Cross on May 3rd, one of the most beautiful and traditional festivals in all of Andalusia. The streets of Granada are adorned with crosses made of red carnations crafted by the residents and decorated with traditional objects. Throughout the day, there are contests and dances in the stalls, creating an incredible atmosphere throughout the city that you can’t miss in Granada in 2023.

  • Granada Fair

The Granada Fair is the city’s biggest celebration. In the fairground, you can enjoy flamenco performances, nightclubs, activities for children, and a variety of different cultural events. In the food stalls, you can savor Granada’s most typical dishes, such as stews and fried fish, among others.

  • Music Festivals in Granada

Another important event during Granada in 2023 is the various music festivals that take place during the summer. Regardless of your music style, whether it’s pop, rock, or techno, you’re sure to find a music festival that suits your taste. We recommend “Granada Sound,” “En Órbita,” “Lanjarock,” and “Primavera Electrónica.” Are you going to miss them?

  • Virgin of Anguish Festival

On September 15th, the city streets are filled with stalls where you can taste traditional dishes like “Tortas de la Virgen” and other typical Granada sweets while Our Lady of the Virgin of Anguish goes in procession.

It’s a beautiful day to visit Granada and learn more about this deeply rooted local festival.

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