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Sacromonte Caves in Granada

Sacromonte Caves in Granada

Caves and flamenco tradition in Sacromonte

Do you want to experience true Andalusian flamenco? Come to Granada to enjoy the culture and tradition that this city offers. In this article, we present how flamenco is lived in the famous Sacromonte Caves in Granada. Let’s get started!

Granada is a city that offers a plethora of wonders that leave no one indifferent, the Alhambra, the Generalife… but to get to know the most original of its land, its essence, the magic of its dances, songs, there’s nothing like the wonderful Sacromonte neighborhood. Here, we find caves that were originally inhabited only by the Gypsy community, but over time, they have been adapted to offer a unique experience to tourists. In these caves, we can enjoy the best flamenco dances, guitar concerts, singing, and get to know the families that live in them.

In our opinion, any tourist visiting Andalusia should attend a flamenco show, and what better place to experience it than at its origin, in the Sacromonte caves. Here, we can feel the flamenco tablao almost on our skin and tap our feet to the rhythm of their guitars.

These caves have a very distant origin and were built for the most marginalized, those who fled the city. Each one of them is different; all have something outstanding that makes them unique and special. The only thing that unites them is their white appearance, contrasting with the surrounding nature.

Reaching them is quite simple; you can access them by car or bus, but we recommend doing it on foot from the city center. It’s a magical walk that begins in the city, and little by little, you immerse yourself in its narrow streets, full of vines, flowers, and a pure Andalusian atmosphere. Another walk we recommend is starting from the Alhambra. From there, the views are spectacular. A white hill blending with nature can be seen from this Granada jewel, a starting point for a journey that will take you to these caves.

But… What is the origin of flamenco? There are many theories surrounding this. Some relate it to Islamic chants, others to Byzantine origins, or even to Gypsy songs from India. For many, the flamenco we know today originated in the Sacromonte Caves as a celebration of the famous Gypsy weddings, which later spread throughout the Andalusian community. But we know that the most traditional Gypsy-style flamenco was born in Granada.

What is clear is that wherever you go, flamenco is known, and it was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

There are many caves you can visit: Cueva los Tarantos, Zambra de María la Canastera, Cueva Zambra la Faraona, Cueva de la Rocío, Venta el Gallo, among many others. Furthermore, most of these caves will offer you a drink with the entrance, and even a dinner, in addition to a completely flamenco experience.

If you want to experience Andalusian flamenco, do not hesitate to book a room in our Hotel Granada Centro. We provide you with all the information on how to visit the Sacromonte Caves and anything else you may need.

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